About me

Ori Dov

I somehow endded up being a software engineer, and that's what I "ofiicialy" do, but with all the bad stereotype coming with this kind of title, one must at least try and pretend she's doing something else too.

And indeed, I'm no different, so I will write and pretend I have other hobbies like music and reading. These are easy and probably don't count since they are passive, non-creative hobbies. I wish I could use photography (seems like a lot of other programmers do) but that would just be fraud; the best camera I've ever had was a Sony Dsc-40 which I was only recently stopped using because I realized how bad the pictures I'm taking were.

But I do love to write, and that's probably the only thing I truly enjoy doing. Whether it's creative or "dry" code (I dedicated an entire post explaining how this poor choice of words has some well-intended, evil roots somewhere), I just love it. This awkward about me text will probably change by the week, for an instance.

About me could be conveniently extended to about this, and where are we anyway, and what is the raison d'?tre of this website. Well, put it nicely, this is a pretentious attempt to combine some blog elements into the concept of portfolio of a web designer with actual content of a software engineer. What does it all mean? I'm not really sure, but the reason for that is most likely an unrestrained ego.

So I hope you a long life and some not-so-awkward experience skimming through the pages.



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